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Camp Reports

Dear all Bhagavatahas..
By the grace of Aacharyans almost by June 2012 14 Spiritual- Residential camps,66 Day scholar camps in AndhraPradesh, 2 residential camps in Pune and 3 residentialc camps in mumbai have been conducted successfully. Sri U.Ve.E.S.Mukundan Swami has been blessed by SriMushnam Srimad Andavan, Srimad Azhagiyasinghars , HH Paravakottai Andavan and HH Sri Parakala Swami for conducting these camps and ensuring that children are taught basic principles of our Sampradayam.
Below are some of the camp reports of the camps conducted by Swami Dhesikan Stotra Paata Goshtee ,in May 2011 and May 2012

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2013 May - June

IV Residential Camp at Sri Vedantha Dhesika Sampradaya Sabha , Mumbai
III Residential Camp at Sri Ahobila Mutt , Pune
15th Residnetial Camp at Sri Ahobila Mutt, Hyderabad

I Residential Camp at Mattapalli OCTOBER 2012

XIV residential camp at Sri Ahobila Mutt May 2012
II Residential Camp at Sri Ahobila Mutt Pune May 2012
III Residential Camp at Sri Dhesika Sabha,Mumbai May 2012

IX Residential Camp at Sri Ahobila Mutt May 2011
X Residential Camp  May 2011
XI Residential Camp May-June 2011
XII Residential Camp May-June 2011
I Residential Camp at Sri Ahobila Mutt Pune May 2011

Camp reports compiled by
Ramakrishna Vidhatha
swami Dhesikan Stotra Paata Goshtee
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Sri.U.Ve.P.V.Pranatharthiharan Swamin-Founder- Swami Dhesikan Stotra Paata Ghostee