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Next Online quiz on Thirunagur Divya Desam is on 6-1-13

The material corresponding to the Thirunagur Divya Desams is below.
The material has been prepared based on the
Sri Krishna Sabha Calender 2012

The questions are based on this material only.Bhagavaths are requested to view/prepare/download the material by clicking  which is useful for the preparation for the Quiz.This Quiz is intended to increase the awareness of Thirunagur Divya Desams.

All the Bhagavaths are requested to participate in this Thirunagur Divya Desam quiz series and make this a huge success and there by recieve Lord Sriman Narayana's grace and blessings.

Thirunagar Divya Desam material Power Point Format

Thirunagur Divya Desam Material Video Format

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Courtesy:- Sri Krishna Sabha Calendar 2012 Questions would be based on this material only This Quiz is intended to raise awareness on Thirunagur Divya Desams on everyone.

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